In Aphroditae, Dilum Coppens investigates the complex, contemporary relationship between love and lust through references to the goddess Aphrodite and our interpretation of her various aspects. Intimacy is neglected, love is an elusive feeling; the danger of being destroyed, but also the chance to be complete.

In its purest form, these emotions are deeply intertwined and an essential part of our humanity. It is only when we tear them so far apart that they begin to exist as separate entities that their meaning is lost.

The installation, which is being shown for the first time in Zinnema, will also be activated with a performance that re-interprets the old festival for Aphrodite, the Aphrodisia.


Dilum Coppens graduated in 2018 with a Masters in Free Arts at LUCA School of Arts, Brussels. His practice investigates the creation and impact of meaning through mythological references. We all look for a reason for our existence, our world and our emotions, creating meanings for these different concepts. Often this process happens unconsciously, so these interpretations often seem obvious. But they actually consist of a complex structure. Through his work, Coppens encourages the public to see this complexity and to reflect on the meanings they have created for themselves.

Fri 27.03.2020 @ 19:00

During PARCOURS #6 - ABOUT RITUALS (performance)