At Brussels Bijou, freelance artists from our capital take centre stage: theater makers, musicians, choreographers, dancers and other types of stage conquerors seize their chance to compete for the Prize.

The laureates

Ronin is a Brussels based artistic collective from different disciplines within the hip hop world. Chikara, their innovative and creative piece, focuses on energy. Music, dance and light are used to open up the public to various emotions that define our extraordinary universe. The aim is to allow the viewer to experience a profound and personal reflection on their individual place in their own environment.

Ruth Bruyneel
A Girl’s Guide to Hunting is a youthful and surprising piece featuring women of different generations. They form a group of girls who want to start a revolution together by reflecting on their own existences and that of women in general. The piece was made by Ruth Bruyneel, a young and lively woman who studied at the Toneelacademie and then left for Maastricht to work as a theater-maker and theater-teacher.

Lou is a poetic concept that originated from the participating young performers themselves, in which they deal with death in their own ways. It is an innovative format with excellent young actors, accompanied by a two driven theater-makers (Eline George and Elke Van Der Kelen) who try to get the most out of their performers. As a result, they act in a very credible and authentic way and are also challenged to find and push past their limits.

Justine Theizen
Seasons was created by a person with great charisma. No wonder she became the winner of 1000 Pieces Puzzle. She has an impressive stage presence and very high potential. With her performance she tries to tell a powerful and inspiring story around a simple seat. A story that seeks to break a taboo, to show that love must be accessible to everyone. She wants to make her viewers aware of the message that love is a feeling and not a rule imposed by society.

Oumar Diallo !!! CANCELLED !!!
Oumar Diallo is a young artist and activist from our Brussels hip-hop scene who, with his piece Kifesh, tries to express in a unique way the possible love and friendship that can exist between two men. The performance bears witness to a Brussels character that can be clearly felt.

Selasi Dogbatse
Selasi Dogbatse is a dancer and choreographer who cannot be stopped. She is full of talent and ambitions and wants to share it with the world. With her performance A Piece of Me she will literally show a piece of herself to inspire others. That is why she opts for a dynamic spectacle that mainly consists of hip hop.

  • Fri 29.11.2019 @ 19:00
  • Sat 30.11.2019 @ 15:00

€ 14 / € 10


In collaboration with VGC, Bruzz en Bozar.

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