In order to really think and encounter life we need to no longer see life in fixed and immobile terms. (Colebrook, 2002)

Where language limits our reality, the terms ‘man’ and ‘woman’ determine our binary way of thinking. We live in gendered bodies, where our gender is derived from our sex. Nourished by images in the media and cultural codes that are considered as ‘natural’, we divide the human species in two groups according to their sex, each with its carefully bordered way of square thinking. What if our society was not so centered around the reproductive organs? What if this would not decide in first instance what gender you are?  With Gendered Bodies, Iri researches bodily shapes away from any mark of gender and at the same time she tries to find the extremes of what makes a body gendered.

Iri Pauwels is a 21 year old creative from Hasselt (BE), living in Amsterdam where she studies fashion and branding at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Interested in understanding how people function within society, the consequences of it and how that translates into fashion and art, she uses her research topics as an inspirational starting point for her work. Iri Pauwels first encountered Zinnema when she did the graphic work for the dance recital la Ave directed by the Brussels choreographer Nina Muñoz.

  • Sat 15.02.2020 → Wed 25.03.2020 @ 10:00 - 17:00

Opening during PARCOURS #5 - ABOUT GENDER : Sat 15.02.2020 @ 18:30

All exhibitions are free of charge and accessible during the opening hours and when the CAFE is open (during performances; look at Agenda).

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