Overdatum brings Giovanni's Room, a novel by James Baldwin published in 1956, to the stage. The narrative follows the main character, David, in Paris during the 50s. While his fiancé is traveling David falls for Giovanni, an Italian waiter. Choices must be made, and not choosing is also a choice. Only complexity can save us.
At the time of writing Giovanni’s Room Baldwin received negative feedback from his publisher: “Publishing this book is literary suicide. You will lose your readers, don't do it ”. But for Baldwin this book was a necessity, because it was a story about love and, especially, the fear of love. He then decided to have the book published by another publishing house in 1956. As of today, Giovanni’s Room belongs to the canon of so-called gay literature, although, Baldwin would not agree with that classification. Just like his racial themes, his sexual subjects are characterized by one adjective: complex. Nobody - and especially not society - can force "others" into a box.

Overdatum is a collective founded in Asse by ten former students of the local music academy. Together they look for connections between major themes and daily life.

  • Sat 12.10.2019 @ 20:00 - 21:00
  • Sun 13.10.2019 @ 20:00 - 21:00

€ 11 / € 8

In Dutch - English subtitles

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