Holy Hole is a creation project and exhibition of a traditional North African cult. It is a shamanic ritual that is practiced in North African countries before puberty: the girl's hymen is symbolically closed during a ceremony to prevent any penetration to protect the honor of the family. Holy Hole questions this anthropological and social phenomenon, and with it the violence against women.


After her masters at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Sousse, Tunisia, Ichraf Nasri, born in 1988 in Tunis, continued her education in visual arts at La Cambre, and then also studied to become a teacher at the same school. As an artist who makes photos, installations, videos and sculptures, she creates floating spaces between reality and fiction. Marked by the concept of shamanism, she questions a number of aspects of Maghreb and Arabic culture that are forged by social values from a critical artistic reflection. Her practice gradually leaves the laws of the object and bears witness to a multidisciplinary approach in which the idea and the concept are given the upper hand. Intrigued by social rules, customs and rites, her current work raises questions about regulation, dominance and authority.

  • Fri 27.03.2015 → Tue 12.05.2015 @ 10:00 - 17:00


Opening: Fri 27.03.2020 @ 18:30

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