Hors Normes is a group event with and around four visual artists who were brought together by the Xenia Lab Collective, founded by Carlos Ramirez Carrasco, aka Caliban Ramirez. The other three artists of the collective are Mufuki Mukunda, Harold Cuellar and Nemo Alvarez.

Since April 2019, the project has had a permanent place in the landscape of Tervuren. The multipurpose projects try to emphasize engagement and connection. They especially want to attract the outside artists, the street artists and the recycling makers. Consumption reduction is central to their approach. Moreover, they believe that every object tells a story, that everyone is welcome to work with and to shape the artwork, to literally create a better and more beautiful world together.

In Zinnema, the Xenia Lab Collective exhibits its own work by the four artists over the various nooks and crannies of the building. Working with visitors to tackle walls and / or panels with various techniques from contemporary visual arts.

  • Sat 16.05.2020 → Wed 17.06.2020 @ 10:00 - 17:00

Opening during SCREEM TIME  Sat 16.05.2020 @ 19:00

All exhibitions are free of charge and accessible during the opening hours and when the CAFE is open (during performances; look at Agenda).

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