Julie Rousseau is an artist from Brussels who subjects visual art to obsessive research. She transfers her graphic reflections through very rhythmical visual interpretations, often based on repetition. The exhibited collection of white paper cubes has also arisen from a manual and repetitive production process. With these Pixel  Clouds, each time unique and imperfectly modeled, the artist draws the attention of the visitor to her cyber life. The intention? To destabilize our usual perception of our internet environment, and to recall the richness of the emotional content that can be found on the internet but which we usually forget.

  • Thu 30.05.2019 → Wed 19.06.2019 @ 09:30 - 17:00

Opening: Fri 31.05.2019 @ 19:00, during Zinnema's event Zin in Apéro ?

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