Mangoo Pickle is an association that tries to bring audiences closer to art and creation by taking viewers to another world, in an airtight bubble thanks to a creation of atmosphere. It is also a young and dynamic collective that wants to combine work and pleasure.
The exhibition concept places the Exchange District at the center of the project as a subject in its own right. Mangoo Pickle wants to involve and promote the main users, namely the inhabitants of the area, through an exhibition of portraits. The artists will portray neighborhood figures through their respective artistic disciplines. Four artists from different currents will choose to illustrate through their art and their eyes, one or more figures of the neighborhood. Sometimes in photo, illustration, animation, or painting.

Kasper Demeulemeester studied philosophy, history and American Studies. He has been active as an artist and photographer since the winter of 1997. He is the initiator of the project Tropicana (Experimental Neighborhood House) and the application 3600 Steps (Mobile Application of Therapeutic Photography) that we have used as tools and point of departure for discussion in our method of work.

Mangoo Pickle has made a selection of artists from the Brussels urban and contemporary scene, working in different spheres and backgrounds, with diverse and experienced styles; each practicing their own portrait technique.

  • Photography: Nganji Laeh (Nganji Mutiri)
  • Illustration & Audio: 13Pulses (Manuel Francisco Murillo)
  • Animated illustration: Uhorakeye (Audrey Marion)
  • Painting: Spear (Corentin Binard)

The artist proposes a series of photographs capturing the eyes of some inhabitants of the district. To get out of voyeurism, the photographer will start a conversation with the model to create a real encounter between the two protagonists.

The theme addressed by the 13Pulsions project is that of diversity within society. The desire of this project is to highlight the beauty of diversity and support the following precept: it is no longer up to the individual to adapt; but to society to reflect the diversity of individuals.
the artist wandered several days of the week at different times (from august the 27th till september the 27th) to the Stock Exchange. He will tour the stock exchange for 1 hour and get in touch with all the people who will meet his eyes. The contact will be systematized and will lead him to ask three questions: 1. Where do you come from? 2. What are you doing? 3. How do you define yourself?

Cloakroom - this project consists of a stylized female silhouette, walking while constantly changing pace. The purpose of this work is to portray the beauty and power of the cultural diversity of women walking the streets of the downtown core, as well as the artist's support for the stamped message in the neighborhood: leave the girls alone.

The theme addressed by the artist is the opposition between anonymity and the public aspect that exists in this neighborhood. Indeed, unlike other neighborhoods, all the inhabitants of the city (and others) know this place but few people know. To describe this antagonism, the artist will meet a person he will represent on canvas.


  • Fri 08.02.2019 → Sat 15.06.2019 @ 05:00 - 00:00

The Bourse/Beurs premetro station is an underground tram station in Brussels, located in the city center under the Boulevard Anspach next to the Brussels Stock Exchange.

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