Moving Portraits are intimate video works by the artist Moni Wespi (CH/USA) playing on the fine line between stillness and micro-movement. Slow art. To be shared as a silent visual experience with the viewer, who takes the time to look. Behind a Moving Portrait stands a multidisciplinary interactive creation process including choreographic work, visual and multimedia art. The artist depicts their protagonists in personalized painting like set designs and costumes, that mix abstract and concrete symbolism, of another possible reality, translating sensations into space and time exploration.
This project is inspired by peoples identities/social visual codes encountered in our society. Giving prominence to spontaneity, unexpected revelations and interaction, driven by curiosity and a playful spirit for transformations the process of creation wants to provoke a shift in perception, a decoding by revealing a hidden second mask, a new identity one could also represent, a direction one could walk.

Moni Wespi is a Swiss choreographer, art director and visual designer based in Brussels. In her choreographic practice, she creates images through radical scenographic choices, combined with her movement research. 2007-2014 she was touring internationally with her company Loutop. In 2010 Monika Wespi was awarded the GRANT award of Zürich for her work with Loutop. In 2011 she joined the collective Asphalt Piloten, an artistic open cell of unbridled artists from different artistic and geographic backgrounds. In 2014 she came to Brussels to continue her artistic career and international collaborations. The choreographic visual art project Moving Portrait gets born. Moni Wespi is working from a multidisciplinary approach, elaborating visual concepts for performers, musicians, fashion designers and participates on the creation and definition of their visual language/identity, developing costumes/set design and support for videos, photographs and stage projects.

  • Fri 06.12.2019 → Fri 07.02.2020 @ 10:00 - 17:00

Opening: Fri 06.12.2019 @18:00


All exhibitions are free of charge and accessible during the opening hours and when the CAFE is open (during performances; look at Agenda).

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