Not yet almost there is a transdisciplinary performance that sits somewhere in between a pop concert, a dance piece and an intimate-fictional portrayal of a love story. With their performance, Siska Baeck and Maya Callaert expose the complex entanglements of violence, love, cruelty, sexuality, power and intimacy.

It is not the first time that the duo has created a performance at the intersection of dance, theater, literature, music and the visual arts. Together they also make pop music. Siska Baeck (1993) studied drama and philosophy. As a theater maker she works both for young spectators and for an evening audience. Siska is currently artistic assistant to choreographer Jan Martens. Maya Callaert (1995) studied jazz piano and video art.

  • Sat 28.09.2019 @ 20:30

English spoken!
The performance is free, reservation required.

With the support of VGC.

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