On The Roof, a dance collective from the Brussels Rand, takes over Qartier with a unique perspective on dance. In the coming four months they will present work from the epicenter of their bosom, enriched with the participatory works of Mathilde Laroque.

The collection shifts the focus from dance as a collective experience to dance as a personal experience. Throughout the entire exhibition the dancer is always portrayed as a single individual in a different way. Dance as a meditative source or telekinetic communication. Always alone, but never lonely.

Meet dancers from all over the world, when their thoughts are removed from the context of dance, with the interactive installation m². Watch Ma Tête Est Mon Village and see how a variety of dancers reveal the greatest secrets about their childhood while conjuring up a painting with their bodies. The multimedia work Le S de l’Ange, on the other hand, brings to light an intimate series of disarming portraits, inspired by Nijinski's 'le saut de l’ange'.

  • Sat 15.06.2019 → Thu 17.10.2019 @ 05:00 - 00:00

Opening: Fri 14.06.2019 @ 18:00

The Bourse/Beurs premetro station is an underground tram station in Brussels, located in the city center under the Boulevard Anspach next to the Brussels Stock Exchange.

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