Mass grave  is disturbing: the cube represents the omnipresence of the norm  in a citizen's life. Mass Grave  is a sculpture to fill, a mourning urn for a long-term voice. Mass Grave  does not wonder which norms should disappear, but encourages us to think about how we would like to shape the world. Which standards do we hold dear? Which standards do we do away with? Through interviews in various forms conducted throughout the year in Zinnema and elsewhere, Mass Grave  will culminate in a collective funeral of the standards that have been set. It will be a ceremony, a procession, a collective, joyful, mystical, ecstatic trance. The fantasy will become reality for a precious few hours.


Anne Marsaleix is a translator, Toma Luz is a graphic designer. What do they have in common? Their love for the symbol, the letter and the verb. They can question both the form and the meaning of these concepts for hours - without ever finding an answer. Because, what's the use? Questions instead of answers - that’s what they believe.

  • Fri 19.06.2020 @ 18:00

A ceremony ...

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