Qartier is the name of a new art space in the Beurs metro station, which has been entrusted by the MIVB to the good care of Zinnema for three years.

Zinnema wants to put the varied and “very Brussels” artistic offerings of the city in the spotlight and share it with passers-by and users of the station. A bustling meeting place that charms tourists and makes Brussels residents feel at home, but always pleasantly surprised.

Kadanja is the fourth curator. Their Qarton expo runs from Thu 06.02.2020 to Wed 03.06.2020.

Kadanja (Sander Tas and Danja Cauwbergs) and coach Ann Van de Vyvere (Irma Firma / Dēmos) have participatory work in their DNA. With QARTON they work together with artists from various disciplines, both professionals and amateurs. Instead of exhibiting the work of these artists they build together, with residents and users of the pedestrian zone, a temporary artistic installation over 5 happenings.

In preparation for these happenings, open brainstorming sessions were organized on the steps of the Beurs. That resulted in the word PAS SAGE BRU TAAL, the common thread for these 5 happenings and the exhibition.

"The pedestrian zone and the metro station are a passage, with passers-by and users. With our happenings we take over that public space and disturb the passage. Brutal, not well-behaved, but playful and energetic."


During the 5 happenings everything was built with cardboard, the waste material that the traders left on the street in the evenings. With that cardboard they created a PAS SAGE BRU TAAL in the pedestrian zone, above the Qartier exhibition space. Every happening was filled in by other artists and realized together with sympathizers, local residents and casual passers-by.


Qarton # 1: ARTISANS CURIEUX (Ann Clicteur and Fred Samier)

Qarton # 2: Misha Downey and Chris Harrison-Kerr

Qarton # 3: Yan Jab

Qarton # 4: Patrimoine à Roulettes (Yves Hanosset and Samuel Coomans)

Qarton # 5: Tom Kenis, Kevin Bellemans aka Dooshoofd and Jan Ducheyne.


All this was filmed and photographed (film @ Sander Tas - photography @ DavidImslf - photography @ Anna Van Waeg)

Danja Cauwbergs processed this material into a visual collage of cardboard and a drag and drop game.

Maaike Beuten and Marzia Dalfini supported the open collage studios.

Lennert Mottar developed the drag and drop game.

  • Thu 06.02.2020 → Wed 07.10.2020 @ 05:00 - 00:25

The Bourse/Beurs premetro station is an underground tram station in Brussels, located in the city center under the Boulevard Anspach next to the Brussels Stock Exchange.

This project was made possible by the Cera project support. 'Cera. Investing together in prosperity and well-being.'
And with the support of the City of Brussels, cell Sustainable development.

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