Kadanja (Sander Tas and Danja Cauwbergs) and coach Ann Van de Vyvere (Irma Firma / Dēmos) have participatory work in public space in their DNA. For their QARTON expo, they are looking together for artists from all kinds of disciplines, both professionals and amateurs. Instead of simply exhibiting their work, they will build a temporary installations together during five happenings in the pedestrian zone in the heart of Brussels.

Danja Cauwbergs and Sander Tas, together Kadanja, have many  artistic interventions in public space on their richly-stocked resumes. They enjoy working in the public space of Brussels and look for the boundary between what is private and public. What can you and may you do as an individual in a space that you share with many others? Where are the limits? And can you extend those limits through individual interventions? The installations that Danja Cauwbergs and Sander Tas make are more objects than works of art. For them, the artistic added value does not lie in the installation itself, but in the fact that you place it somewhere and then leave it behind. The fact that you do it is more interesting to them than what you do. Not art for art’s sake but art for action’s sake. In addition, the dialogue with other users of public space is very important. Less and less is it about an individual project and all the more about something that connects the artists with others.

Ann Van de Vyvere obtained a master's degree in Visual Arts at Sint-Lukas in Brussels and started the non-profit organization Irma Firma in 2004. In addition to being the artistic coordinator and business leader of the organization, she has also been director, tutor and artist since its establishment. Within Irma Firma, Van de Vyvere works from a clear substantive line with a concrete vision towards an end result in various disciplines. Projects realized to date are divergent and multi-dimensional, including performances  public space, exhibitions, theater performances, film projects, publications, lectures and workshops in schools, cultural centers, universities and academies, for a wide audience. For this, Van de Vyvere works together with people from all kinds of domains: scientists, artists, local residents, philosophers, children, casual passers-by, prisoners, travelers, policymakers, students, and so on.
Ann Van de Vyvere sees herself not primarily as an artist but as a "broker" between the end product, the people she works with and the public.

  • Thu 06.02.2020 → Wed 06.05.2020 @ 05:00 - 00:25

Opening Thu 06.02.2020 @ 18:00

Reservations for the vernissage are not mandatory any more; come as you are! (Making a reservation is not possible any more.)

The Bourse/Beurs premetro station is an underground tram station in Brussels, located in the city center under the Boulevard Anspach next to the Brussels Stock Exchange.

This project was made possible by the Cera project support. 'Cera. Investing together in prosperity and well-being.'
And with the support of the City of Brussels, cell Sustainable development.

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