Zinnema invites all children from the neighborhood and their parents to party on December 6 with Queen Nikkolah. Gifts and sweets for the little ones!

Queen Nikkolah is a performance playing with the boundaries of race and gender in the tradition of Saint Nicolas. This performance opens debate about colonial motifs linked with this tradition and the repercussions of these motifs on the imagination of children. In the history of Saint Nicolas there has been brought a lot adjustments to the character of Black Face (Zwarte Piet) the past few decennia: in the 50’s when he was black because he’s from African descendance, whilst in the 90’s he was black because of the  soot when climbing throught the chimneys, along with the shifting perspective from servant to funny assistant. The misogyny we see regarding Black Face is the same misogyny we see towards the history of migration. Queen Nikkolah proposes a future for real equal chances.

  • Fri 06.12.2019 @ 16:00 - 18:00

Admission is free

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