The area that we nowadays call la sape, originally from the Kingdom of Congo, continues to intrigue. Considered as an imaginary territory where imaginary identities circulated, la sape questions the method of reappropriation of the dominant culture and the complexity of postcolonial identities. But above all, it proposes a model of individual emancipation through which the sapper (re)confirms his relationship with Nzambi ya Mpungu; the incarnation of beauty in all its forms. So, apart from the clothing of these makers, there is an underlying call to travel, an odyssey in which the body finds its salvation in the cult of the claw.


Jenny Ambukiyenyi Onya is a Belgian-Congolese artist and director who lives in Brussels. She was one of the first winners of the 1000 Pieces Puzzle project bootcamp, and took her first steps in the Brussels’ scene with the urban dance theater play Elikya Na Ngai, Rape of Women in the DRC, which was supported and produced by Zinnema in March 2016, a piece written and directed by Onya herself.
The emerging multi-talent returns in 2020 to her first trusted ally, Zinnema. This time with another piece Religion? Kitend¡, which again combines dance and theater. All of this dyed in the colors of Congo, a country that she cherishes above all others in her heart.

  • Fri 13.03.2020 @ 20:00
  • Sat 14.03.2020 @ 20:00
  • Sun 15.03.2020 @ 16:00

€ 11 / € 8

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