The Pigeons Project is a participatory theater project that culminates in a site-specific performance in order to question our view of public and semi-public space.

The creation starts from three sources of inspiration: the specific context of the zone where the performance takes place, the life stories of the participants and a thematic red thread. In this way, the makers want to question and involve the audience in thinking about their neighborhood and situation. It is no coincidence that they chose the area of the Biestebroekkaai in Kuregem: this heterogeneous neighborhood, with very diverse users is on the cusp of major urban changes. For just shy of a year, both professional artists and amateurs work together during weekly workshops.

The Pigeons Project has been around for three years. After the creation of two pieces (Route van een voorbijgaande reiziger  and Jonathan Noël) there is now a solid core of participants with different backgrounds: neighbors, individual artists, artistic collectives, and people from the club 55: a leisure center for people with psycho-social vulnerabilities.

  • Wed 20.05.2020 @ 20:00

the performance starts at 20:30

reception: parking Biestebroekkaai (next to tram station "Cureghem" of tram 81)

entrance fee: free contribution

mw  Compagnie La Pigeonnière

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