The rise of a specific flower with wicked roots is the title of a series of photos, bundled in an artistic book, that display the personal evolution of Neoza's search for her (sexual) identity. Initially, she tried to build a relationship with a boy, then with a girl, but couldn’t find with anyone the satisfaction she was looking for. That feeling led her to all kinds of drugs and psychedelics and to Berlin, where she had a liberating experience: openness, diversity in music, sex as an ordinary conversation topic, a mix of industrial-looking landscapes with nature and colorful grafitti. Goa festivals, yoga, meditation, shamanism and veganism also crossed her path and resulted in her taking a series of magnificent and very open-minded photos and then bundling them into a book.


Neoza Goffin is a Belgian photography student. She is currently following a master's at KASK in Ghent. Her thesis is about feminism. It is a giant collage of 96 photos of female breasts that received awards at the Academy of Fine Arts in Aalst. The work was also purchased by the OLV breast clinic in the same city. Recurring themes in Goffin's work are: female identity, female nudes, research on erotism and (boundaries).

  • Sat 15.02.2020 → Tue 17.03.2020 @ 10:00 - 17:00

During PARCOURS #5 - ABOUT GENDER (expo)

Opening: 15.02.2020 @ 18:30

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