These streets, Our streets is a powerful, empowering exhibition that counteracts the normalization of female-unfriendly streets. Vulnerable  is opposed to a normative masculinity. Our public spaces, like many other spaces in our society, are dominated by a toxic and socially constructed idea of the man.The Beursstation is one of the places where this normative masculinity  asserts its power. This central, public space is a symbol of memories and experiences of the violence that can cause toxic masculinity.


Johanna Couvée is a cultural organizer in Brussels, who was a member of the artistic think tank of Zinnema's I Have A Dream  theme a long time ago. This time she was recruited by Zinnema as the fifth curator at the Beurs pre-metro station. The purpose of this exhibition is to reclaim public space on one’s own terms.

  • Fri 05.06.2020 → Thu 08.10.2020 @ 05:00 - 00:25

Opening: Thu 04.06.2020 @ 18:00 in Qartier

The Bourse/Beurs premetro station is an underground tram station in Brussels, located in the city center under the Boulevard Anspach next to the Brussels Stock Exchange.

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