After her arrival in Brussels, Veronika Romhány decided to stay and become a freelancer - or more precisely: a temporarily unemployed immigrant from Eastern Europe. This transition state is the starting point of this project in every respect. Look, my eyes are just holograms is a video installation of digitally manipulated recordings and sound clips that together conjure up a ghostly atmosphere. Veronika excavated a specific dream about zombies, probably inspired by her existential fear as an outsider in a 'dead', rigid, automated and emotionless society.

  • Fri 08.02.2019 → Sun 24.02.2019 @ 10:00 - 17:00

Opening during DIGITOPIA, Fri 08.02.2019 @ 19:00

All exhibitions are free of charge and accessible during the opening hours and when the CAFE is open.

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