Third Degree students in Industrial Arts were confronted with this question:

What if you have to start over?

Imagine: you come out of your shelter, after the general cataclysm, you do not know how long you stayed there and all that existed before disappeared.

The landscape is empty, everything is demolished, debris everywhere ... how to survive?

Starting from basic needs (sleeping, eating, protecting), students started to create a single object. They started from a world they imagined themselves, invented possible obstacles, studied ancient techniques, primitive cultures, methods of survival, recycling ... that is to say, to create to survive.

Finally they made a prototype and a presentation of their idea.

  • Fri 21.06.2019 → Tue 25.06.2019 @ 10:00 - 17:00

opening: Fri 21.06.2019 @ 18:00

All exhibitions are free of charge and accessible during the opening hours and when the CAFE is open (during performances; look at Agenda).

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