Zoêterdag, Sunday, Moindag  is a moving and, at the same time, hilarious family chronicle by the Italian author Eduardo de Filippo based on the French translation of Huguette Hatem.

The story: The Lemaire-De Wandeleir family come together in their parental home in a working-class neighbourhood in Brussels. Madame Rosa prepares the traditional Sunday meal for all her own: in-laws and grandchildren, father-in-law, sister and brother, her cousin, neighbors and a number of other - expected and unexpected - guests. The three days - Saturday, Sunday and Monday - derail in a cocktail of fierce discussions, flaring passions, vicious vanity, biting hatred, humor and, of course: love, love, love!

In Italy, Zoêterdag, Sunday, Moindag  is one of the most popular and beloved plays. People will certainly fall for the charm of this beautiful folk piece in Brussels too. Deeply human and comical at the same time, it is a universal piece inhabited by picturesque and colorful characters. They are blood relatives and relatives-by-marriage who have grown apart over time and circumstance but, ultimately, do everything they can to inject their relationships with the necessary love and respect. Get ready for the exciting Brussels’ version of a masterpiece of Neapolitan folk theater.

  • Director: Jean-François D’Hondt
  • Bruising: Marc Bober
  • Cast: Ani Leroy, Robert Delathouwer, Elie Devuyst, Niki D'Heere, Guido Goovaerts, Luc Christiaens, Anouk Van Doosselaer, Michaël Bronckaerts, Fred De Keersmaecker, Chantal Vermeir, Annick De Visch, Stef Van Litsenborgh, Claude Lammens, Gertjie Brijssinck, Laurent Lippens, Davy Van Stichel.

  • Sat 11.01.2020 @ 20:00
  • Sun 12.01.2020 @ 14:30
  • Fri 17.01.2020 @ 20:30
  • Sat 18.01.2020 @ 20:00
  • Sun 19.01.2020 @ 14:30
  • Fri 24.01.2020 @ 20:30
  • Sat 25.01.2020 @ 20:00
  • Sun 26.01.2020 @ 14:30
  • Fri 31.01.2020 @ 20:30
  • Sat 01.02.2020 @ 20:00
  • Sun 02.02.2020 @ 14:30

€ 16 (-18, +65 and groups 20 persons & more)
€ 18 (others)
€ 49 (arrangement 'Den Appelboom')

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