Danielle Flieswasser is a Brussels based artist. She is constantly looking for new ways to express her artistic work and to be a light for people. She loves to challenge herself in different ways, she would say ‘’Flying squirrel into the unknown’’. She believes art can be very self revealing. For the moment she is active as a dancer, poet and director. She studies psychology at the university of Ghent. 


Her path as a director began during the 1000 Pieces Puzzle project, an international leadership program for dancers founded by Cindy Claes.  She is a part of a piece called ‘’Aujourd'hui, tout va bien’’ as a co- choreographer with Danys Vanderhaeghen. As a dancer, she was part of various dance groups in Belgium. Danielle graduated from the ISVP program at Broadway Dance Center NYC in 2016, after staying there for a year, where she trained in various dance styles and acting 

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