Linde and Lente are like a tree in its flowering season and, as such, their friendship is a continuous development of ideas. Both follow an ideology of open, deathly-honest communication and use it as a key technique on and alongside the stage.

Linde and Lente are very different in terms of their school careers. Lente studied Theater Sciences at Ghent University, Kleinkunst at the Antwerp Conservatory, is a drama therapist in the making and performed last season in the Blackbox of Zinnema. After graduating in Sociology at the VUB, Linde started with the direction Gender and Diversity. She participates in the CHanGe (Campaign on sexual health and Gender equality) project of UCOS.

The inseparable Linde-and-Lente duo performed together in the show SJOW (Tint vzw) and opened the youth festival Big in BXL (JES city lab). With the support of Zinnema, they get the chance to create their own creation.

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