Moni Wespi is a Swiss choreographer, art director and visual designer based in Brussels. In her choreographic practice, she creates images through radical scenographic choices, combined with her movement research. 2007-2014 she was touring internationally with her company LOUTOP. In 2010 Monika Wespi was awarded the GRANT award of Zürich for her work with LOUTOP. In 2011 she joined the collective Asphalt Piloten, an artistic open cell of unbridled artists from different artistic and geographic backgrounds. 2014 she came to Brussels to continue her artistic career and international collaborations. The choreographic visual art project MOVING PORTRAITS gets born.

Moni Wespi is working from a multidisciplinary approach, elaborating visual concepts for performers, musicians, fashion designers and participates on the creation and definition of their visual language/identity, developing costumes/set design and support for videos, photographs and stage projects.


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