Mouss Sarr, founder and artistic director of Timiss, has been a loyal artist at Zinnema since 2015. Through the 1000 Pieces Puzzle program, a boot camp where choreographers are prepared for the professional world, he began to develop his own vision. That soon developed into Timiss, a platform where he endeavours to give artists from different disciplines from the hip hop scene more breathing room.

Youness started breakdancing in 2005. In 2013 he started with hip hop freestyle and choreography. He was inspired by Idris Elba, whose artistic versatility he admired, and later entered the theater scene. In parallel, he created videos and podcasts as a  YouTuber. His ambition at Timiss is to give artists the opportunity to express themselves and to showcase and support their projects at events. He stands for personal development and self-transcendence and wants to pass this on to future generations.

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