a competition for onstage art!


1.    Concept:
A competition for non-professional artists from Brussels and the Brussels Periphery  that are involved in dance, theatre, musical theatre or various mixed forms of performance.

2.    Method:

  • Register by filling in the designated online form at
  • If the digital aspect of the application poses a problem, Zinnema will help with the online application.
  • The request to participate must be made by the artist or society concerned.
  • Registration is open until 25 May 11:59 PM.
  • Participation is free of charge.
  • By registering, participants agree to the terms and conditions as set out in the rules.
  • A professional jury will choose a shortlist from all applicants that applied before the deadline.
  • The shortlist will be announced on the 20th of June 2019.
  • The shortlisted projects will be presented on 29 or 30 november 2019 in Bozar, after which the winners will be announced.
  • There are two awards:
  1. The Brussels Bijou award: The winner will receive a very special trophy, a working budget of 2000 euros and an artistic residence at Zinnema to develop their creation.
  2. The Audience Award: the audience has a say in who will win this price. A 1000 euros will go to the project which receives the most votes from the public.
  • After the announcement of the winners, participants will receive feedback on their project.

3.    Criteria:

  • All artistic disciplines that can take place on a stage, except exclusively musical performances, can be considered being dance, performance, theatre or various mixed forms of performance.
  • The participating groups and/or individual artists are active with their art only in their spare time, so by no means professionally.
  • The most important criteria on which the content of the projects will be judged are:
  1. The quality of the project
  2. Is it a reflection of the metropolitan character of Brussels?
  3. The amount of innovation
  • When the project involves more than one person, at least 50% of the people part of the collective needs to officially live in Brussels or its periphery (see 1).
  • The participants may either enter a new performance or an existing piece that is relevant for their recent work (maximum 2 years old.)
  • It is not just the performance, but also the total project that is judged. The jury will base its first selection on the submitted dossiers.
  • Per participant, only 1 dossier can be submitted. Art academies can submit 1 dossier per department.
  • The production needs to be able to be performed in the spaces Bozar will provide. On the basis of a technical plan the infrastructure and the technical support will be determined.
  • The construction and rehearsal needed in situ may not take longer than 4 hours.
  • The participation must meet the stated criteria. (see below for the criteria)
  • The presented project itself may last anything from between 15 minutes until a maximum of 75 minutes.

4.    Liability:

  • The participants agree with the competition rules and will abide by them. The jury's decision is final and cannot be contested.
  • The decisions of the organisers is binding – regarding the competition, participation, the choice of the winner, the application of the rules and all other situations that are not explicitly dealt with by these rules.

5.    Contact and info:

Veeweidestraat 24-26, 1070 Anderlecht
(t) 02/555 06 00
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