Dearest visitors, friends and sympathizers of Zinnema,

Given the recent developments regarding the spread of the coronavirus, Zinnema is obliged to undertake certain measures. These measures where inspired by good practices from the sector, more specifically Globe Aroma, and scientific reports. It became clear to us that these were necessary to secure the health of our artists, visitors, staff and community.

Zinnema sadly announces that all events will be cancelled until the third of April. This also contains the three performances of Religion? Kitend! (13/03, 14/03 and 15/03) as well as our Parcours #6: About Rituals (27/03). We’re looking into our schedules in the hope of finding other dates for these postponed events. Visitors who are already in the possession of a ticket can choose if they want to get a refund or wait for a new date (in this case you can just hold on to your ticket, which will stay valid).

Events that will continue:

  • The story of Sacco & Vanzetti (8/5, 9/5 & 10/5)
  • Screen Time (16/5)
  • Marina (20/5) 
  • Teraznow (23/5) 

These measures are not a consequence of mass hysteria and fear, but rather an advised and sincere resolution to protect each other’s health. Zinnema hopes that all the habitants of our vivid capital, and far beyond, are taking their own and each other’s health into account. These times of uncertainty highlight the importance of taking care of ourselves and one another.

You can read about the general health and prevention measures on

Do you still have some concerns or thoughts you want to express after reading this message? Then you can always reach us on


The Zinnema-team