We want you to audition for the next urban dance-theater play "Religion? Kitend!". A play that will address the origin of Congolese S.A.P.E. through the journey of a character in search of his real identity while being lost between post-colonial heritage, the "reign" of Stervos Niarcos and the beautiful melodies of Papa Wemba.  

To do so, we are looking for 7 urban dancers (F / M) of any style but with advanced level (+18 yo). Dancers must be from Sub-Saharan African origins, they need to be motivated and eager to explore their own dance style through physical theater. Do not worry...No theater experience is required.
If you think of someone or if you even think you have the guts to meet the challenge, do not hesitate and register now to the casting call. We are waiting for you!


Thu 14.11.2019 - @ 11:55

Date  casting : Fri 15.11.2019 from 18:00 until 20:30 (studio 2, Zinnema).

Mandatory availability: 15 rehearsals (sunday morning only) distributed between November 2019 to mid-March 2020. With 3 dates of  performance: 13-14-15 March 2020 at Zinnema.

Please note that participation to this project is unpaid, but a payoff will be provided for each dancer. In addition, an eventual paid tour might be possible.

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