4 different artists who each specialize in an art form are locked up in our black box for 24 hours. We offer these artists everything they need to merge their art forms into one common story. This meeting offers them the opportunity to reveal their own baggage in a unique way and to look for artistic threads that can bind them all together. All this within 24 hours!

Blackbox also works within the season theme Our Digital Democracy and after the successful #communityerror and #analog now there is #democr(E)atie. A vision of our society through the eyes of an artist, who is able to change the world with his creativity and his creation.

The result of this challenge and the 24-hour experiment will be exhibited together at the 25th hour for a live audience and live streamed on social media.


Wed 20.03.2019 - @ 12:00

Are you an open-minded, amateur artist who doesn’t fear experimenting artistically? Then you are the right person for Blackbox!

Requirements before you start this form:

  • You are not yet professionally committed to your artistic talents.
  • You live in Brussels.
  • Social & open-minded.
  • You find sleeping overrated.

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