Memes rule over the world. As they have increased in popularity, these internet videos and images seemed to have sprung up from a bottomless barrel of humor. But, nowadays, memes are much more than just shrewd jokes. They have become viral carriers of sharp messages from political and activist circles. And a virtual stage for cynics, as they often make themselves heard on the worldwide web. But other forms of literature and images also give way to resistance and bring new voices to the surface. Cleverly concealed in a layer of grinning irony.

Is this a way to prevent collective depression? Perhaps, a method of self-care? Self-care is not an invention of the millennials: just look at The New York Times writer Aisha Harris, activist Audre Lorde or even the ancient Greeks for the importance of self-care.

In times of individualism and populist flare-ups, people are finding each other on a platform that is increasingly polarizing. Meme, Myself and I : a tweet-worthy mantra, no?


Mon 16.03.2020 - @ 11:59

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