The internet seems to be an uncontrolled and free zone without limitations, which provides the ideal space for what we call online activism today.The right to free speech has never been so clearly and broadly supported.Hashtags like #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter and #PrayForOrlando circle the globe, are vigorously spread via social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and launch campaigns.In the digital democracy the masses demand a direct voice. The debate is accessible to all of us but there are those that believe our access is being undermined by tactics of online manipulation and misinformation by political and commercial monopolies from Unilever to Google. However, digitally savvy multinationals fail to remain undetected under the critical eye of the artist.

Zinnema's seasonal theme 'Our Digital Democracy' challenges every artist to take a leap- through dance, theater, music, visual art or a cross-fertilization of those disciplines- into  this pertinent subject. Selected projects will receive a residency, coaching, a modest production budget and access to a large network of inspiring artists.